Browse alfalfa from various cuts, qualities and locations across Colorado. We’ve partnered with to provide a wider supply of hay and forage.


Brome is the second most popular variety of hay from our list of producers. If the hay you’re looking for isn’t available, reach out and let us know what hay you’re after.


Browse all hay types in your area. This links to a list of all hay for sale in Colorado. You can sort by City and Hay type to narrow down your options.

Helping Colorado Source & Ship Hay was created with the Colorado livestock producer in mind. Our goal is to help you locate the hay and hay services you need to run an efficient operation. We’re new so check back for more updates.

We’ll be compiling a database of Colorado Hay Producers, Hay Haulers, and Hay Service providers.

As of now we partner to help us source our hay listings.

Other Services

In the future we’ll be partnering with companies that provide various agricultural services.

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